Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Science

The PhD program in cognitive science is a research-oriented program. It includes training in experimental methods and, mainly in the first year, coursework on the basic notions and theories in cognitive science and a possible focus on social cognition and cognitive social sciences. During the research period, students will develop into independent researchers, with the ability to contribute to cognitive science with analyzes and empirical data.

Doctoral enrollment may continue up to a maximum of six years. Students admitted into CEU doctoral programs are eligible to receive the CEU Doctoral Fellowship for up to three years. Numerous additional funding opportunities exist.


Title Instructor Credit
Academic Writing for Cognitive Scientists Natalie Sebanz
Guenther Knoblich
Action and agency: causal and teleological interpretations Gergely Csibra
Ferenc Huoranszki
Action and agency: causal and teleological interpretations Ferenc Huoranszki
Gergely Csibra
Agent Based Models János Kertész 2.0
Algorithms and Data Structures TBA 2.0
Analogies and Metaphors Mathieu Charbonneau 2.0
Bayesian data analysis József Fiser 2.0
Bayesian Data Analysis József Fiser 2.0
Behavioural Economics Christophe Heintz 2.0
Behavioural Game Theory Christophe Heintz 2.0
Cognitive Science and Policy Making Christophe Heintz 2.0
Communicative and cultural knowledge transmission György Gergely 2.0
Critical Concepts in the History of Cognitive Science Csaba Pléh 2.0
Critical perspectives on human nature Maria Kronfeldner 2.0
Data Analysis 4: seminar2: R tba 0.5
Data and Network Visualization Roberta Sinatra 2.0
Data Management with Python Ancsa Hannak 2.0
Data Mining and Big Data Analytics Rossano Schifanella 2.0
Development of Perception and Action Claes von Hofsten 2.0
Empirical and philosophical issues in the study of human cooperation and communication Dan Sperber 2.0
Engines of Development Alan Leslie 2.0
Evolutionary Psychology Prof. Clark Barrett 2.0
Experimental Research Methods József Fiser 2.0
How to design good experiments in Cognitive Science Guenther Knoblich 2.0
Human interaction through music: psychological and social foundations of group music-making Peter Keller 2.0
Infant Cognition Gergely Csibra
György Gergely
Ágnes Melinda Kovács
Introduction to Cognitive Science Guenther Knoblich 2.0
Introduction to EEG methods in Cognitive Science Gergely Csibra 2.0
Introduction to language and social cognition Anne Tamm 2.0
Joint Action Natalie Sebanz
Guenther Knoblich
JustData - University Wide Course Miklós Koren
Arieda Muço
Chrys Margaritidis
Jozsef Martin, Transparency International Hungary)
Roberta Sinatra
Karoly Boroczky
Matlab for Experiments and Data Analysis Guenther Knoblich
Cordula Vesper
Matrix Computations with Applications Pál Hegedűs 3.0
Philosophy of Science: Core Contemporary Issues Maria Kronfeldner 2.0
Political Philosophy 2.: Cognitive science and policy making Christophe Heintz 4.0
Probabilistic modeling: From perception to sequential decisions József Fiser 2.0
PROBABILITY 1 Tóth Imre Péter 3.0
Religion, Ritual and Cultural Transmission György Gergely
Vlad Naumescu
Scientific Python Fall 2017/2018 Roberta Sinatra 3.0
Semantic - Pragmatic Development Nausicaa Pouscoulous 2.0
Social and cognitive sciences approaches to religion Dan Sperber 2.0
Social Cognition Christophe Heintz 2.0
Statistical Models of Perception, Action, Cognition Laurence T Maloney 2.0
Statistics for Experimental Research József Fiser 2.0
The Origin of Concepts György Gergely 2.0
Topics in Cognitive Science Christophe Heintz 2.0
Topics in the Philosophy of Psychology Gergely Csibra
Hanoch Ben-Yami
Topics in the Philosophy of the Human and Social Sciences Maria Kronfeldner 4.0
Understanding and Misunderstanding Guenther Knoblich
Natalie Sebanz
University-Wide Doctoral Seminar: Reason, Unreason and Nature in Religion Aziz Al-Azmeh 2.0
Visual Cognition József Fiser 2.0
Visual Perception and Learning in the Brain József Fiser 2.0
What makes us social Chris Frith 2.0
`Mind reading` through the lens of Cognitive Science Dr. Dana Samson 2.0