Workshop on `Modelling Self on Other`

Oktober 6 u. 7
Monday, May 18, 2015 - 1:00pm
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Monday, May 18, 2015 - 1:00pm to Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 5:00pm


Monday 18th May

Historical and systematic views on conceptual issues pertaining to self/other relationships

13.00               Introduction

13.15               Peter Carruthers        

Self & Other: Cognitive architecture, evolutionary function, and development

14.15               Tad Zawidzki                   

Are Infant Interpreters Dennettians?

15.15               Coffee

16.00               Shaun Gallagher        

Autonomy and Interaction

17:00               Commentator: Dan Sperber

19.00               Dinner


Tuesday 19th May

  Functional relationships between self-knowledge and -understanding and other-knowledge and -understanding

 09.30               Wolfgang Prinz          

Roots of Subjectivity

 10.30               Coffee

11.00               Michael Graziano      

Consciousness and the Social Brain

 12.00               Commentator:  Steve Butterfill

 13.00               Lunch

 14.00               Axel Cleeremans        

Consciousness: The Radical Plasticity Thesis

 15.00               Coffee

15.30               Radu Bogdan (via video conferencing)

Why Me? Explicit Self-Projections: Reasons and Resources

 16.30               Commentator: Pierre Jacob

17.30               Posters and wine reception at Oktober 6/7, 1st floor balcony

19.00               Dinner


Wednesday 20th May

 Developmental relationships between self- and other-understanding

 9.30                 Ann Bigelow               

The Emergence of Self Knowledge

 10.30               Coffee

11.00               Moritz Daum              

The ontogeny of self and others: Individual variability and continuity of perception and action in infancy

 12.00               Lunch

 14.00               Gyorgy Gergely

Representing Self and Others as Individual Persons:

The developmental role ostensive communication and rigid reference

 15.00               Coffee

15.30               Commentator: Kevin O’Regan

16.30               Final discussion

17.00               End