Gergely Csibra

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Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51
Room C505
+43 1 25230 3661

My research focuses on various aspects of cognitive development in human infants. Currently, I study how infants understand actions and social interactions, how they attribute mental states, how they interpret communication addressed to them, and how they learn from others. I am also interested in episodic memory, object perception, symbol use, and many other topics in cognitive psychology. Our research is methodologically promiscuous: we employ various behavioral and neuroimaging methods to answer these questions.

Students Supervised:

Barbu Revencu
Nima Mussavifard
Laura Schlingloff
Otávio Mattos

Students graduated:

Denis Tatone
Johannes Mahr
Gábor Bródy
Rubeena Shamsudheen