Jonathan Kominsky

Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
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Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51
5th Floor, Room no D504

I'm interested in how the human mind identifies, represents, and reasons about cause and effect. I study how these abilities emerge in infancy, how they change and develop over childhood, and how we use these abilities as adults. My research is question-driven, and I pursue this work using a variety of different methods including infant looking-time studies, behavioral studies with children, psychophysics paradigms with adults, and online studies of many different kinds with all ages (yes, even infants), as well as some computational and neuroimaging work with collaborators. I am also interested in building better tools for conducting behavioral research, and in particular tools that are designed to support open science practices. I got my undergraduate degree at Reed College, my Ph.D. at Yale University advised by Frank Keil, Brian Scholl, and Josh Knobe, and I was a postdoctoral fellow with Susan Carey at Harvard and then with Elizabeth Bonawitz at Rutgers and then Harvard Graduate School of Education.