1. General Admissions FAQ
  2. Student Life FAQ
  3. What is the duration of my program of study? Doctoral enrollment at the Deparment of Cognitive Science may continue up to a maximum of six years.
  4. For how many months will I receive stipend? Students admitted into CEU doctoral programs are eligible to receive the CEU Doctoral Fellowship for up to four years. Numerous additional funding opportunities exist, such as the Doctoral Research Support Grant Program (not applicable for incoming students), the Erasmus Mobility Scheme, and various research and travel funds. For further information on financial aid for doctoral students http://www.ceu.hu/admissions/financialaid/doctoral.
  5. Can I change my mind during my studies in choosing my PhD supervisor? The Departmental Doctoral Committee will have to approve it but in theory it is possible.
  6. Can I pick up a PhD supervisor from different university other than CEU? The primary supervisor must be a permanent departmental faculty member. The secondary supervisor can be a member of another CEU unit / another university.
  7. May I contact faculty members about their research areas and about my future PhD thesis proposal prior to applying to the department? We encourage applicants to consult the website and approach appropriate members of the faculty in advance in order to check the suitability of their research plans.