Student Experiences

``I couldn’t be happier to be a PhD student at the Cognitive Science Department at CEU. The supervision I receive is excellent. The administrative support is also superb, so there are very few practicalities I have to worry about, and I can focus on my research. The labs are exceptionally well equipped, and the great lab management makes running studies a breeze. Our faculty enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of social cognition, which can be intimidating at first, but all the faculty members are very helpful and easy to approach, and there are plenty of formal and informal events to help everyone get to know each other. Having a great faculty also ensures a great line-up of weekly colloquium speakers and visiting professors. ``(Thomas Wolf, 4th year PhD)

" What I appreciate the most about the Cognitive Science PhD program at CEU is the level of engagement from the supervising faculty members; while students can build the individual foundations for their future careers they are constantly supported by an outstanding (and very easy to approach!) faculty with an excellent reputation in the field of social cognition."  (Martin Freundlieb, 5th year PhD)

" My time as a PhD student at the CEU Department of Cognitive Science has been rewarding and enjoyable. I feel that I have developed as a researcher due to the invaluable guidance provided by my supervisors, and developed as an academic due to the stimulating and multidisciplinary academic environment. " (Luke McEllin, 4th year PhD)

 " I enjoy working at the department of Cognitive Science as not only I have great conditions for pursuing my research interest, but also there is a lot of scientific interaction between people from a wide range of fields. For this reason I feel that while I am working on my project I also get a much broader knowledge about the field of cognitive science." (Jozsef Arato, 5th year PhD)

" I like being a PhD student at the Department of Cognitive Science at CEU because the department provides great research and study facilities; it is led by distinguished scientists who are down-to-earth, easy to approach and always open for discussion; it offers research on a broad range of topics within an interdisciplinary framework; it brings together students from all over the world; and above all, it is a place where you can meet and work with interesting people in a friendly environment." (Laura Schmitz, 4th year PhD)

"Working at the Cognitive science department alongside colleagues who tackle a wide variety of research problems helps one think outside the box and can enrich one's grasp on their topic with ideas from other areas. The atmosphere in the department is oriented towards being helpful, rather than competitive: talking to students from other labs has often helped bring valuable and unexpected insight to my own work. There are also plenty of opportunities for less-than-formal interactions between faculty and students, which makes for a very pleasant environment - sometimes the best science happens over a plate of pogácsa or a glass of wine!" (Mia Karabegovic, 3rd year PhD)