Research in the department is conducted in the research labs together with one or more faculty members. Major research areas include developmental psychology, cognitive social sciences, visual perception and learning, mathematical modeling of cognition, behavioral economic, neural coding in the brain, and language and cognition. The department consists of five major research units:  the Cognitive Development Center (CDC),  the Social Mind Center (SOMIC), the Center for Cognitive Computation (CCC), the Adaptive Cognition and Economics Group (ACE Group) and the Language Comprehension Lab.

Why Cognitive Science at CEU?

The main research topics pursued in the department are as follows:

Cognitive anthropology
Christophe Heintz and Dan Speber

Computational Cognitive Science
Azzurra Ruggeri

Developmental psychology
Gergely Csibra, György Gergely, Jonathan KominskyAgnes M. Kovacs and Erno Teglas

Economics and cognition
Christophe Heintz

Embodied cognition in individuals and groups
Guenther Knoblich and Natalie Sebanz

Infant social cognition
Dan Sperber, Agnes M. KovacsJonathan Kominsky

Internal Representations
Jonathan Kominsky

Mathematical modeling of cognition
József Fiser and Máté Lengyel

Neural implementation of cognitive processes in the brain
József Fiser and Máté Lengyel

Philosophy of mind and philosophy of cognitive science
Most faculty members

Studies on social cognition
Gergely Csibra, György Gergely, Christophe Heintz, Dan Sperber, Erno TeglasGuenther Knoblich and Natalie Sebanz

Visual perception and statistical learning
József Fiser

Language and cognition
Eva Wittenberg