Participate in a study

The Department of Cognitive Science is looking for students/adults to participate in psychological experiments at our labs in Vienna and Budapest. If you are interested in participating, please register on the online CEU Research Participation System. Our goal is to build a database of motivated and reliable volunteers who may be contacted to participate in one or more future studies. Your participation in any and all future studies will be strictly voluntary and all informations will be treated confidentially!

The Baby Lab is looking for parents of children ages 1 month to 12 years who are interested in participating in our developmental psychology research studies in Vienna or Budapest. Over the past few decades, many surprising scientific findings have showed that babies, far from being ignorant, have the capacity to understand many things about the world. Our studies look at many aspects of infant knowledge, including how infants recognize faces and understand changes in facial expression, how they understand the functions of different objects, how they learn the meaning of words, and what kinds of communicative cues they expect from others.

The Adaptive Cognition and Economics Group runs experiments aimed at understanding decision making and motivated choice in the context of social and economic interactions. During experiments, participants are requested to make decisions that have consequences on their and others' pay-offs. These pay-offs are given, together with a show-up fee, at the end of the experiment.

The Social Mind and Body Group (SOMBY) runs experiments aimed at understanding perception, action and cognition in the context of social interaction.
The Visual Perception and Learning Lab runs experiments aimed at understanding the acquisition of structured visual information and the conversion of this information into sophisticated internal representations for controlling behavior.

If you would ike to participate, you can apply for studies and see the detailed information (date, location, payment, brief description, etc.) in the online CEU Research Participation System or if interested, please send us an email with your name, preferred email address, and mobile phone number to

  • Baby Lab Budapest: babakutato at
  • Baby Lab Vienna: kinderkognition at
  • ACE: heintzc at
  • SOMBY Lab: csurosd at
  • Vision Lab: nagyMG at