Katarina Kovačević

Year of Enrollment: 
Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51

My main research interest is Responsibility. I investigate how people ascribe responsibility for good and bad outcomes across various situations. When do we hold someone accountable? When are people willing to take responsibility?

I am specifically interested in Epistemic Responsibility and Strategic Ignorance. To what extent are people expected to inform others before they act? Are people thought to be responsible when they acted without relevant knowledge? Are people thought to be responsible for not gathering the relevant information? Sometimes a piece of information is crucial but one cannot access it. Some other times, one did not put effort to look for the information. How does that change ascription of responsibility? Importantly, it can happen a person strategically ignores the information that could be crucial for a decision making process. Do we blame people differently in these various situations when bad outcomes occur? Here is an example: a person is traveling from another country to Austria and they do not read the FFP2 mask regulations. They get a fine for using a standard mask in transport. Is the person responsible for not knowing the rules?


MA Psychology, University of Belgrade
BA Psychology, University of Belgrade